Review: Why Everyone is Going Crazy Over This High-Speed Portable Wi-Fi Router

by Tom Brant | 5 min read
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I could NEVER find an Internet provider I would be satisfied with. Why? HUGE BILLS! And no matter how much I paid, I still had to deal with patchy Internet at home and an unstable connection abroad

But then I found this Japanese-inspired innovative device that helps me get a fast and reliable connection, nearly anywhere I go...

We've all been in this frustrating situation: you're far away from home and have to connect to public Wi-Fi that’s slow and unreliable. Even at home, watching movie online without the video buffering for ages? Mission impossible! 

I can't even count how many work calls I had to take in the kitchen...

... just because the connection was a bit better there. Yet, it still felt like I was trying to communicate with my colleagues through an ouija board.

Don't even mention trying to get a connection when traveling! At one point, I even considered giving up travel for good!

When I found myself having to put more and more money towards my Internet bills, I even started refusing travel offers from friends. Look for a local SIM card for every country I visit, just to save money? NO, thank you!

One evening I was scrolling through my friends' travel pictures and realized I was MISSING OUT ON LIFE! 

I called up a friend to vent. And lo and behold, he told me about this Ryoko device.

Ryoko PRO is a pocket-size wireless hotspot, which creates a Wi-Fi network around itself. So you can have your own Internet anywhere, anytime.

Apparently, the Ryoko portable Wi-Fi hotspot can deliver a strong, fast and secure online connection just about anywhere you go, around the world, or in your home.

Had I been living under a rock..? How come I'd never heard about such a thing?! I looked it up and immediately knew that I had to try it for myself.

Here's my Ryoko story...


It came to me ready to use with a SIM card pre-installed. All I had to do was turn it on and use it! Super easy!

Apparently, it's great for both travel AND home use. When I was planning my trips, I found out that Ryoko covers more than 112 countries, so I can forget about using unsecure public Wi-Fi or paying high international roaming charges pretty much wherever I go. Finally! 

I even replaced my home Wi-Fi with Ryoko. It just works better, even in parts of my home where the connection used to be patchy with my previous Internet provider. I definitely don't regret getting rid of my ugly modem. Ryoko is small and elegant, no more messy cords in my living room!

I sometimes also have to work while traveling. So I was very excited to find out that with Ryoko I could stop worrying about the safety of my personal and work data, as it protects my data with a secured connection. And it even blocks most ads!

Why did I order it so fast? Easy! My friend loved the device and when I found people going CRAZY about it online, I knew I had to try for myself. Let me show you some of those reviews.

Why do people use this Portable Wi-Fi?

David B.
Five stars

It was even smaller than I expected. Fits in my hand and I'm still able to see everything on the screen clearly. Internet is stable and fast! It's so fast you can also use it for skype calls. I live in a remote area and it was not easy to call up my family with video. Now I use Ryoko internet and the connection is great.

Charles T.
Five stars

The parcel came in time. Excellent quality. Works super fast. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I use it for my work travels and my wife got one for our home. She says it looks way better than our previous bulky modem.

Jenny P.
Five stars

I love it. i use it in my family summer house or on short road trips. Everywhere connection is fast and great! I love that the design focuses on portability.. It is very light, small and stylish, and easy to hold in my hand or pocket. It brings Internet to the most remote places, woods, lakes. With Ryoko I can enjoy watching the game on my phone while im away.

Check out the hype on social media!

Very convenient to use.I can connect my phone, my laptop and my wife’s tablet and phone at once, and they've all got high-speed Internet! Actually, it allows to connect up to 10 devices, which will work out a lot cheaper than paying for a mobile data plan for each of these devices. This thing is a life saver! - Dan K.

Battery worked for more than 8 hours, that’s what I need when I am on the road. - Alice D.

I am always on the move and don't have a constant work place. I no longer need to go to the coffee shops and ask for Wi-Fi password. This device keeps me online wherever I go! - Jennifer L.

Why Is This Little Gadget So Special?

So you already know my personal story and that Ryoko is the most effective way to have my own secured Internet connection anywhere, anytime! But there's so many more additional benefits! I've collected those that I've seen other people mention a lot.

✅ Secure connection: Create your own secure Wi-Fi and share it with others as needed. Ryoko gives you the ability to block unwanted web content, limit screen time, and restrict the use of risky applications. This is what I really appreciate with Ryoko, since my nieces and nephews visit us a lot. It's great knowing that even our little ones are safe online.

✅ Stay productive: Share a secure connection with your friends and family or connect several devices for yourself. You can connect up to 10 devices at once. It can be a tablet, mobile phone, handset, gaming console, laptop or any other WiFi-capable device. Ryoko is great for both traveling in groups and for replacing poor home Wi-Fi. Since it reaches up to 150Mbps download speed, you can enjoy HD movies without interruption and download files in seconds.

✅  It won’t suck the life out of your battery: Never suffer from a drained mobile battery. Just because your smartphone has the hotspot function, doesn't mean you should use it. Any device that does a million things can never be perfect at each one. Same with your phone's hotspot. It will just overheat and strain your smartphone's battery. The Ryoko portable Wi-Fi lasts up to 8 hours and is specifically made for this function, so it excels at it.

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✅ Improve the way you travel or work on-the-go: Reduce roaming charges and stop struggling with public Wi-Fi! Rather than paying for extra charges on all your devices, connect them all to Ryoko

✅ Save your money & your time: Your Ryoko arrives ready to use with a SIM card already pre-installed. Just turn it on and enjoy! Get a cheap, safe, high-speed connection in 100+ countries.

Try Ryoko Risk-Free

✔ No hidden charges

✔ FREE shipping on all orders

✔ Top-up your data online, anytime

See Ryoko In Action

Where Can I Get Ryoko?

Reduce roaming charges and stop struggling with public Wi-Fi! Rather than paying for extra charges on all your devices, connect them all to Ryoko by clicking here.

Difficulties caused by searching for a free Wi-Fi network in a café, while traveling or at home will soon be a thing of the past! What could be better than this?


I shared my experience with the Ryoko team, and they were so happy to hear about it, that they decided to give away some of their revolutionary new devices to my readers for 70% less than the usual cost!

The offer is limited and only available through the links found in this article: CLICK HERE TO BUY

I hope you too can take advantage, and enjoy easy, fast Wi-Fi.



Just stumbled upon this Ryoko gadget, and I'm seriously considering it! My last trip burned a hole in my pocket. Just got my bill, and it feels like I've paid for a luxury vacation. Wish I had known about this gem earlier. Anyone here using it? Does it really live up to the hype?? Need a better solution ASAP


Seriously regretting not having something like Ryoko on my last data charges are a nightmare 😓tried all the big name mobile providers and all of them drain my wallet while trvaleing


Absolutely looove my ryoko😍😍😍! My cousin lent me hers and I tried it while camping. the connection was consistently fast and reliable; even though it was quite a remote area of the woods. I really liked how portable ryoko is, super light, didn’t take up any space in our backpacks..battery life also exceeded my expectations, lasted more than 8h. I was even able to enjoy the game on my tablet while fishing with my dad at the lake. Got home and immediately bought one for me and my husband.

Bob M.

It absolutely has a home in my travel bag! Im use it on road trips and in our family summer house. Everywhere connection is fast and great Bob


THIS device literally SAVED my life when I was traveling around Europe!


Service works well! Have used it across Europe. Thank you, Ryoko!


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